Energy Savings 

R-50: Increased energy efficiency; decreased operational cost

R-50 Insulation’s industry-leading energy efficiency can reduce heating and cooling bills for the life of a building, yielding significant savings..


Buildings consume approximately 41% of the United States’ total energy. Approximately 37% of that energy is used in heating and cooling.  A large portion of that energy is lost through the building’s envelope, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs.


R-50 Insulation delivers an industry-leading R-value of 50 to building projects, which can result in significant cost saving during the life of a building. In fact, increasing a building’s R-value (resistance to heat flow) from R-15 to R-50 reduces heat losses by up to 10 times, and can reduce electric bills by up to 8% and natural gas costs by 10%.  [See Oak Ridge Laboratory Report]