Less expensive to build, less expensive to operate

When it comes to keeping commercial buildings cost-efficient, building owners and managers are faced with significant challenges: balancing short -term construction costs and long-term energy expenses with ever-changing code requirements.

The thin profile of Rich-E-Board, Rich-E-Board effectively addresses those challenges, delivering a high R-value of 50 with a flexible, streamlined construction process. The advantages of R-50 Systems are both immediate and long-lasting:     


Construction savings    

Rich-E-Board’s thin profile enables owners to trim thousands of dollars from what could be a much larger construction design. 

Design advantages  

The thin profile offers more design options, eliminates the need for additional materials and personnel, and shortens the inconveniences associated with modifying your building(s).

Energy savings  

With a roof providing a high R-value, owners and facility managers can save thousands of dollars in annual heating and cooling costs.