Design options that save short- and long-term costs for clients 

Forward-thinking design professionals are always on the lookout for innovations that offer design advantages and enhanced value for their clients.   Rich-E-Board™ delivers those innovations, along with a high R-value … in just an inch and a half of thickness, in three critical ways:


Thermal efficiency  

Rich-E-Board exceeds all thermal requirements, increasing energy efficiency and significantly lowering a building’s heating and cooling costs.

Ultra-thin profile   

To get equivalent energy efficiency, you’d need 10 -15” of traditional insulation.At 1.5" thick, Rich-E-Board also eliminates the need to raise a roof’s perimeter or rooftop equipment — an enormous advantage when designing a roof retrofit.


Cost savings    

Rich-E-Board generates significant overall savings compared with competing insulations. The savings from thermal reduction, building modifications, lightweight materials, and the reduction in labor costs more than offset the initial front-end cost of this advanced insulation.